Monday, April 18, 2011

Pantai Surga ( Heaven Beach)

This beach area is one of the coastal areas that are one lane with beach area Ekas. This beach has a breathtaking natural panorama, with white sandy beach area with sand granular size of a peppercorn.
With the condition and the scenery is quite interesting, the beach paradise has the potential to be developed further. In addition to the natural potential of this beach area has a superior economic potential of cultured pearls and seaweed which are managed by some company that partners with local communities
Supporting factors that make this area has the added value is by its diversity of coastal ecosystems, and a sloping topography gives the impression of airy and beautiful panoramic views to enjoy at sunrise (Sun Rise) and sunset (Sun Set).

Along the coast of the existing landscape, the dominance of white sand and the steep cliffs are visible. Conditions and clear blue water in the area is still awake with a panoramic underwater views, so that the tourist activity in the form of diving to see the beauty beneath the sea is very suitable for this region.

The beach there is heaven on Hamlet Village Sungkun Pemongkong Jerowaru District. Access to go to this place relatively easily by road conditions by the regional government of East Lombok continue to be addressed. Based on the potential of Paradise Beach is very suitable for some tourist activities such as fishing, swimming and diving to enjoy the underwater panorama.

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nice post, every spot in lombok is paradise please visit back.

see ya..

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