Monday, April 18, 2011


Ekas region is one of the Regions Coast with the coast of the Gulf. The condition of the beach area is the white sandy beaches spread out wide with small waves. This area is also an area which is partly located residential area fisherman (Fishermen village).
The potential that can be developed is the activity of natural attractions / tourist activities such as beach with shallow diving (Diving) and enjoy the panorama of the beach with all activities. Support facilities that can be developed this region are mainly tourist accommodation and other supporting facilities and utilities such as road infrastructure, trade and communication.

Supporting factors that make this area has the added value is by its diversity of coastal ecosystems, and a sloping topography gives the impression of airy and beautiful panoramic views to enjoy at sunrise (Sun Rise) and sunset (Sun Set).

Tourism Regions Ekas Gulf coast lies on the southern tip of East Lombok is located in the village of Pemongkong Kec. Jerowaru Kab. East Lombok. The distance is approximately 15 minutes from downtown district to the south and from the airport approximately 2 hours travel distance Selaparang with ± 80 km distance. Ekas Gulf is a region located in one lane with beach tourism Paradise, Beach Kaliantan, and Coast Pine.

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