Monday, April 18, 2011

Kaliantan Beach and Cape Bloam

Kaliantan Beach is one tourist area in the southern district. East Lombok District Jerowaru precisely in the region. Kaliantan Beach can be reached via the route of travel from Mataram city towards the East towards East Lombok district with a travel time of 1 (one) hour continued to the south through the District Sikur - Sakra - Keruak - Jerowaru - Pemongkong - Kaliantan with the additional travel time approximately 90 minutes. 

Travel time to reach the coast of central district Kaliantan Jerowaru about 30 minutes with the distance ± 23 km, and from the airport 2.5 hours with the distance ± 92 km. In addition to the attraction of natural panorama of the beach Kaliantan then one owned Coast Tourist Attraction Kaliantan is the existence of cultural activities in the form of ceremonial rites Nyale Bau. Odor Nyale a party of the people to catch marine animals form / type of marine worm. This event took place between the months of February-March where almost half the population of the island of Lombok to come to this coast to follow the share series of events organized by some part of the population of Lombok, Nyale or marine animals like worms, according to trust some people around to have efficacy and to bring blessings, for example, will be able to expel various kinds of disease / pest plants in the field, so that is believed to increase agricultural output. The event is an attraction Nyale smell that can be used as a mainstay of tourism packages for this tourist area. 

Another tourist attraction of this Kaliantan Coast beach area is the physical condition that is characterized by, among others: type of matrial sand grains and textures that resemble the color of pepper, and coral reefs that are still showing kelestariaanya thus becomes an object for snorkling and wave activity are sufficient Surfing activities. 

In addition, Cape Bloam a turtle conservation area which berhabitat around the cliffs and along the coastline that stretches from the southern tip and the North. Location Cape Bloam can be reached using four-wheel vehicle to the destination location. Cape Bloam can be reached via the same route with the Coast Kaliantan, because the distance is relatively close to the beach Kaliantan. 

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