Monday, April 18, 2011

Gili Kondo

GILI KONDO is one of 33 small islands (gili) in eastern part of Lombok Island. From those many islands, there are only 3 islands serve as the best tourist destination. These ones called “Three Islands” or Tiga Pulau, i.e. Petagan, Bidara and Gili Kondo, located in the subdistrict Sambelia. This name convention was used in order be easier to remember by people.
The climate in these "Three Islands" are drier and hotter than mainland Lombok, but in the evening can be cool and refreshing. The rainy season is starting from the month of November to April.

This small island located in the waters of District Sambelia (50km north of the city Selong) and can be reached via the beach in District Sambelia Transat (about 25 minutes) and the port of Heaven Labuhan Lombok (about 45 minutes). Although the black sand beach Transat but in earthen lamps and some surrounding white sandy dyke.
In this uninhabited dyke, we can enjoy the underwater world by snorkeling. In addition bagek dyke, there is also a dyke petagan and other bund around the area. For the development of small islands in accordance with NTB Province spatial no physical construction on the island, but only a tourist destination.

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