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Rinjani Mountain Climb


Rinjani is one of the volcanoes in Indonesia are famous throughout the world. Every year, there were thousands of foreign and domestic tourists up the mountain altitude 3726 m asl (above sea level) this. Inevitably, Mount Rinjani be sought after wild adventure lovers.

Located in the northern land of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Gunung Rinjani is the third highest volcano in Indonesia. The height of the peak is only defeated by the Jayawijaya Mountains in the Papua and Mount Kerinci in Sumatra ground.

There are several hiking paths that are often used to climb Mount Rinjani. But for those adventurers who first came to Lombok, it is advisable to choose the path Sembalun Lawang. Postal early ascent on this route is relatively inexpensive and easy to reach by public transportation.

From the seaport gates Sheet, en route to the bus terminal in Kota Mataram. In the terminal available vehicle department elf-Aikmel Mataram. Approximately 1 hour drive, arrived in the region Aikmel. Here, the adventurers met elf vehicle heading directly towards the climb Sembalun Lawang.

During the trip, we pass the added attractions of the tropical forests of wild monkeys on the outskirts of the road. Plantations cabbage, peppers and onions stretched. Additionally, dazzling green canyon views presented inhabited traditional Sasak tribe, tribal island of Lombok.

Upon arrival at the post Sembalun Lawang ascent, the climbers must register. Before departure, the official rangers give a message for maintaining the cleanliness and respect the customs of the local population. Do not forget also described the location of a hidden spring.

For those in need, available services guide (the guide) or porter (energy transport), which features a standard supplies, equipment rental and mountain climbing. The management of tourism services involving this Sasak tribe, different rates apply for foreign tourists and local tourists.

Medan ascent

Initial challenge that must be taken is a vast savannas and rolling hills. Characteristics of this nature provide a new experience for ordinary adventurer who climbed mountains in Java Island. Usually the mountains in Java presents more homogeneous and heterogeneous forest.

Badlands dusty climate with a sting makes stamina quickly depleted. Only in some places lies a dense thatch rumut as delicious food for the oxen shepherd. In certain places there is a special post that can be used in camping with my eyes water and lavatories emergency.

After savannas, field trips was getting heavier. Steep incline with a gaping chasm began to present among hedge heterogeneous forest. Mount Rinjani can be said to be safe from the threat of wild animals. Birds, monkeys and chickens hanging woods that are often encountered in the forest.

After traveling about 7 hours, arrived at Pelawangan (mountain ridge) Sembalun Lawang. Location is overgrown with mountain pine (Casuarina junghuniana) This is the last climb before heading to the summit.

Pelawangan Sembalun Lawang is located right on the slopes of Lake buffer ly. Hence, while resting, climbers can watch as much keeksotisan giant lake formed by volcanic eruption of Mount Rinjani.

Unfortunately the weather at this altitude is very easy to change. The attack can come suddenly blurred cold weather replace heat. Quite often wind storm capable of ripping even fly tent. However, the charm of sunrise and sunset into an unforgettable moment of a lifetime.

Then there are two choices: continue the adventure to the top or go straight down to Lake ly. Field trip to the top heavy and quite dangerous. Deserts, craters, and the chasm that seemed bottomless, will force berpacunya adrenaline for 3-5 hour drive.

While the field trip to Lake ly no less thrilling. The climber must swiftly down the rocky slope with a slope ranging from 40-80 degrees. What is noteworthy is that the risk of life-threatening ruins of rock climbers.


Segara Anakan Lake

For Sasak tribe, Lake ly considered a sacred place that must be maintained purity. Lake green and blue, used also as a place of pilgrimage and worship of Hindus, Muslims Wettu Barbadensis (Hindu-Muslim syncretism) and trust in God Almighty.

So no need to wonder, if the smell of incense offerings or find flowers around the edge of the lake. In addition, the highly respected Sasak tribe persemayaman where Dewi Anjani, which is believed to be the supreme ruler of Mount Rinjani this faerie.

Lake water taste rough, due to a mixture of fresh water and sulfur water, believed to be as potent medicine to cure various diseases. Believe it or not, in fact this situation caused the growth of local cultural wisdom to protect the environment and avoid the exploitation of natural resources.

Apart from all that, the climbers will feel pampered nature. To relax tense muscles, we can heat water all day long soak in some natural sulfur pool. Although the spectacle of dozens of wild monkeys made a sharp fangs.

The most exciting, of course burn the fish in the lake. Carp, tilapia and large-sized Harper multiply rapidly in this lake. When less is definitely not an expert fishing or we can buy fish from local fishermen who often appeared in the holiday season.

Across the lake visible mound of sand hill that is often out of white smoke into the sky. People call it the New Mount. Not much information about the mountain of sand that is still active

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