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Bau Nyale Ceremony

Central Lombok regency is one of the Level II in West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. In this area there is a coastal tourist area is very interesting and visited by tourists, both local tourists and foreign tourists. This area is Kuta Beach, located on the southern island of Lombok, about 65 kilometers from the city of Mataram. The beauty of this beach makes the tourists become fascinated watching its natural panorama. The water was clear and quiet make this beach ideal for swimming.

Besides its natural beauty, Seger Kuta Beach also has another attraction that is no less exotic for tourists. Every once a year, between February and March, in this place held a party or a ceremony known as Bau Nyale. Said the smell comes from the Sasak language means capture, while Nyale word means a type of marine worms that live in holes in the rock below sea level.
Odor party Nyale is an event and tradition of the legendary and has a high sacred value for Sasak tribe, the tribe native to the island of Lombok. The existence of odor Nyale party is closely related to a folklore that developed in the southern part of Central Lombok district, precisely at the community Pujut, a district that includes the region of Central Lombok district. The story tells of a princess who is very wise and prudent, his name is Princess Mandalika. She is the daughter of a king who ever reigned in the land of Lombok. Her face is beautiful, her body is sleek and good perangainya, making the princes of the various countries willing to marry her. Any prince who came to propose to her, no one refused. However, between one prince and another prince who did not receive if the Princess was beautiful diperistri by many princes. This is what will lead to a war between the princes of one with another prince. This is precisely what makes Princess Mandalika feel uneasy. He was always pensive figure out how to avoid bloodshed.

After thinking for a day-night, the Princess was to find a way out. Initially, the Princess intended to choose one of dozens the prince who proposed to her as her husband. However, the intention is to cancel it after thinking about risk. If he chooses one among several prince as her husband, of other princes who were jealous. This certainly will lead to bloodshed. Therefore, there is no other option for the Princess. He also decided to sacrifice body and soul. His commitment has been not negotiable. He was ready to give up his soul for the sake of avoiding war that will take more casualties.

The appointed day arrived. Behold, the very interesting scenery. The attendees of the various countries in droves to come to the beach of Kuta Seger. People who came thousands of them. Seger Kuta Beach is mobbed like sugar ants. In fact, many invitations which came two days before the day appointed by the Princess arrived. Starting from children to grandparents came upon the invitation of the Princess in that place. Apparently they are not impatient to see how the Princess was a beautiful choice.

Sereg Kuta beach was crowded by the invitation. Before long, the Princess who was famous beauty that was arrived at by using the stretcher which carried gold encrusted. All invitations simultaneously pay homage to the Princess who was accompanied by the father and mother as well as a number of royal bodyguards. The atmosphere of pandemonium that had become quiet. All pairs of eyes are present beauty stunned the Princess's face. His body was wrapped in a silk dress which is very delicate, adding elegance and beauty of the princess. The prince could not wait await the decision of the Princess. Each one hopes that he himself would choose the Princess. The atmosphere more tense. Heart pounding the prince seemed to want to come off.

Not long after, the Princess stepped a few times, then stopped at the pile of stone, his back to the open sea. In the place he stood, Princess Mandalika then cast his eyes to all the invitations that were thousands in number. The curiosity of the audience rising. They are increasingly impatient to hear word for word from the mouth of the princess who mentions one of the names of dozens of princes is in place as the choice of his heart.

After his gaze evenly toward the audience, the Princess was speaking to announce his decision in a loud voice to exclaim, "O, Father and Mother and all the princes and peoples of the Tonjang Beru that I love! After I consider carefully, I decided that I am to you all. I can not choose one among many princes. Myself have been destined to become Nyale which you can enjoy together in the month and date of when the emergence Nyale at sea level. "

Hearing the Princess's decision, the audience gasped in surprise, including my father and mother, because the Princess was never informed his decision to both parents. Father and mother have not had time to speak, the princess suddenly plunged into the sea and swallowed by the waves directly. Along with that, the wind blowing hard, lightning and thunder was booming. The atmosphere at the beach was a mess. Voice heard screams everywhere. Occasionally the sound of cries for help. However, the atmosphere took place not long.

A moment later, the atmosphere relaxed. The attendees quickly find the Princess in a place where she immersed herself. There was no sign of the Princess in that place. He disappeared without leaving a trace. Shortly thereafter, the animals suddenly appear small number of very much from the seabed. Worm-shaped marine animals that have a very beautiful color, a mix of white, black, green, yellow and brown. The animal called Nyale.

All the people who menyaksiksan incident is believed that Nyale Mandalika Princess incarnation. In accordance message the Princess, they were rollicking and are competing to take the animal to be enjoyed as much as a sign of love for the Princess.

Article Source in Indonesian

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