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PERISEAN is a traditional sport performed by people of Sasak Lombok. PERISEAN means shield (protective devices or repellent blow) opponent, battering is called a whip (Penjalin) are usually made of rattan while deterrent called Ende made of cowhide.

PERISEAN yore is usually done by the people of Lombok (Sasak), namely sports at each other with a cane held in the dry season in order to ask for rain on the creator.

The players who competed called Pepadu while the game system led by a referee who called Pekembar and well known builders pekembar contest called Pengadok.


In PERISEAN, the game will be immediately terminated if any of that on the pitch Pepadu bleeding (Leaking), due to hit the enemy. Pepadu who wins and who loses remains were given a gift called the Peris, in PERISEAN also known that high sportsmanship, win lose or keep your resentment means not proceed beyond the arena.

PERISEAN usually accompanied with a music called Drum (Gending) Perisean, musical instruments consist of two drum, one petuk, a set Rencek, one fruit and one fruit Gong Suling as penghalus.

The types of Gending Perisean divided into 3 (three) types:
1. Gending Rangsangan is called Gending Ngadokang that is being played at the time assisted Pengadok Pekembar looking Pepadu rival and opponent who will compete (Pepadu which aims to pit one another).
2. Gending Mayuang namely that aims to signal that has been there two Pepadu are equally ready and willing to do PERISEAN / agree.
3. Gending Beradu namely that aims to evoke the spirit of Pepadu as well as the audience and played during the tournament round by round

Clothing PERISEAN:
1. Using sapuk (Tie Head) of the cloth (batik)
2. Using a cloth (stern leang).
3. Using a cloth belt from a looped waist / ancestor (usually in the tuck bebet ajimat or hexes which is also called Bebadong).

PERISEAN Spirit is the sportsmanship in the match and rely on the power of mantra (bebadong) Pepadu respectively. Lose-win is not a problem but in a situation brotherhood called the game.

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